Your Hell-like Stars

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"...when my dreams fade to grey
my reality falls with them...
down on the road to hell..."

These words resound in my head
It feels like I was dead
No-one could hear the silent scream
I swim alone in Lone-life's stream

You were gone so short ago
You hide behind the starlight's glow
I do not know where you are now
But I must live, live on somehow

Your dreams crashed down behind the scars
You try to cover with your stars
The tears you've cried from blood-stained eyes
They always punished you with lies

I know for real, your dreams, they fell
Down to the tear-stained road to hell
Reality hit you till you died
You lost your ever senseless fight

Now I will dive and I will drown
The sky, the stars and all will frown
But no more I can't see the end
Without your helping, caring hand

So I'll follow, follow your way
Don't worry 'bout me, I'm okay
The light of your eternal stars
Will cover up my dreams and scars...


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